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LG HS CD Warmux
LGames CD special Warmux is a CD-Rom which aim to highlight this beautiful game called Warmux. We have gather on that CD-ROM several versions to have a large compatibility. We provide also an autonomous Live CD powered by Slitaz 4 realised with the Slitaz team. Thus you can play the game without installation and without any Operating System. However this Live CD have a poor compatibility (but a small size). This CD aim also to be a memorial of this game. That is why you will find the source code archive. In the media directory you have CD label and DVD cover box. So everything to make a beautiful object.
How to play :
Choose a weapon with F1,F2,F3,or right clic to have the weapon catalogue.
Move with arrows right and left ; aim : arrows up and down. Space to shoot.
Network play : create a game with the server and client will connect with the IP address of the server. you must have as much client as the server is waiting for.

Download on FreeOSTorrent :

Compatibility : , Licence :

Warmux :
Warmux is a turn by turn artillery game with free open source software mascots like Firefox,Thunderbird, The Gimp, Gnu etc... Warmux is a game with original and well-kept graphics, in which you can be in confrontation with numerous different weapons on varied levels. It has been started in december 2002 by Lawrence Azzoug Moy (source Wikipedia). It was formely called Wormux and has been renamed in november 2010. The new acronym means « WAR of Mascots like you can find in linUX or all other free system » or « WAR of Mascots like tUX ». It first used the ClanLib library, then it has been based on SDL. It is now available on Windows as well as Unix type operating systems (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Android, Maemo and Mac OS X). The game has been adandonned since 2011 april. So the Warmux version provided here is the last available. You can play alone against the computer or multiplayer via a network. Warmux is both a "chance" and a strategy game. The aiming and the wind principles come from Scorched Earth.
Note : the Warmux 11.04.1 package has been rebuilt to eliminate the adware and is compatible from Windows XP to Windows 10.
Files (sources and packs) are still available here :


Licence : This CD-Rom is under CeCILL A v2 free licence. Warmux is under GPL V2 licence.
Compatibility :
Warmux works from Windows XP to 10. Wormux is provided for compatibility reasons : it is the last version compatible with Windows 2000 (and below perhaps).