SupertuxKart Remix 0.9-0.73-english


SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game staring Tux and other mascots from free open source software (the gnou from Gnu, Gimp, Suzanne from blender, Xue the mouse from XFCE, and so on). The game can be multiplayer on the same computer on a splitted screen. There exist some network fonctionnalities, but until the 0.9 version, the network game is not available (work is in progress).
Here is a mix DVD, containing a Windows part and a Live CD of LinuxConsole 2.4
The Windows part contain various Windows versions of SupertuxKart, but also for Mac OSX and Linux. You will also find in the Data directory, videos, wall papers, CD label and DVD box cover. Warning, the Windows version of this game needs Microsoft Visual C++ runtime (which install process is included in most packages).
Remark : the Windows part is also usable under Linux with Wine (warning, it could not work propelly).
This DVD is also including a Live CD or "autonomous CD" of LinuxConsole 2.4 with as well a Linux SupertuxKart game (0.81 version; 0.9 version is available via network download). LinuxConsole is a french Linux distribution francophone. It allows Live CD/DVD/USB use and install on hard disk. With that CD, you can install an play some other games via network.
Translations : The Windows part is translatied in 4 langages (french, english, deutsch, italian) and the Linux part in french, english, deutsch, spanish, chinese, russian, britain,etc...
Of course, you can install all the stuff on an USB stick.

To sum up :
- assess to the Windows multilingual GUI automatically or with "windows.bat"
- or boot on the live DVD/USB to assess to the Linux version of SupertuxKart ("Live CD" or "Live USB" choice).
- under Linux : use the tar.gz SupertuxKart 0.9 binary provided in the "binaries" directory or start the GUI with (of course, you don't need that if you have SupertuxKart 0.9 in the repositories, and if you have an internet access).

Download : Freetorrent

SupertuxKart web site :

LinuxConsole :